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Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) present significant challenges within families. Parent training can help parents to learn effective intervention strategies and tactics that reduce stress for the entire family. CACE offers practical and convenient trainings and autism resources anywhere, anytime! The lessons and resources are designed specifically for parents, siblings, grandparents, and shadow teachers using the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy the most widely accepted treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder. Our resources and lessons focus on working in the home or community, schools and on the day-to-day relationship with the child. Subjects include ABA Data forms for data collection, Alternative communication for nonverbal kids, Functional Communication Training, Dealing with Emotions, Helping your child Thrive, Ultimate Applied Behavior Analysis Starter Kit/Package, Routines and Schedules, Social and Life skills like potty training and brushing teeth, Social Skills and Social stories like community outings.

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Product Catagories

ABA data forms-For data to be useful it must be valid, accurate, and reliable. Use our ABA forms to determine goal mastery, when to switch or add new targets or when to change teaching procedures!

Functional Communication Training-Disruptive and challenging behaviors are a form of communication. Learn how to replace those behaviors by using FCT to teach and establish replacement behaviors.

Emotions-Teach your child to recognize and label emotions. Our templates will help your child recognize anger, frustrations, disappointments and jealousy!

Parents ABA guide-Our ABA Package for parents will guide you on all aspects of autism from understanding autism to moving forward after ASD diagnosis to applying Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to all aspects of your child’s life.

Self Help Skills-Self-help skills are essential for independence and of enormous value once, they are accomplished. Use our self-help and life-skills templates to help your child develop self-esteem, Gain independence and learn responsibility!

Social Stories-Use the power of social stories to inspire positive behaviors, teach new skills and set expectations for your child. Social stories are short descriptions of a situation, event or activity, which include exact information about what to expect and why.

AAC communication-Speech is not an option for many children with autism but that does they do not have anything to say! Reduce frustrations, improve self-esteem and improve quality of life by using Alternative and augmentative communication!

Challenging Behavior-All behavior occurs for a reason. It is vital for parents/caregivers to determine what is causing the behavior. If you know, why your child is choosing a behavior, you can then teach her to communicate in a functional manner.

Help Your Child Thrive– Your child can flourish in the community with preparation and proper training. Our thrive templates includes visits to dentist/doctor, running errands, holidays and bedtime tips and habits!

Routines and Schedules-Routines and schedules provide predictability and relieve much anxiety and uncertainty about what is happening around children with autism. Use our templates to help your child have a successful morning/bedtime, reduce challenging behaviors and transition smoothly

Social Skills-Help your child develop social skills and build relationships. Effective social skills is an important aspect of development in all children and contributes to self-confidence and positive well-being.